Loisto setlementti (Loisto settlement)

Loisto Setlementti ry is NGO established in 1974 as Kalliolan Nuoret ry (Kalliola Youth Association). Our main work is social youth work with gender and cultural sensitive approach. We are independent in political or religious standpoint, but we are active in society level. Loisto setlementti has around 40 employees and different units around greater Helsinki area such as:

– Poikien Talo (Boys’ House) www.poikientalo.fi
– Tyttöjen Talo (Girls’ House) in Helsinki and Espoo www.tyttojentalo.fi and www.espoontyttojentalo.fi
– Sopu (prevention of honor based violence) www.soputila.fi
– Social work unit in Itä-Pasila
– SaTu (supported housing for youth)
– Silmu (support for young parents) www.silmutoiminta.fi

We also have some development projects.

We value equality and diversity, communality, and trust in individual’s resources. We are committed to better the situation of those in weaker positions.

Our activities are mostly open community evenings, group activities, individual support and some workshops. We work mostly with children and youth who need special support. We work to increase their wellbeing, prevent marginalization and prevent mental health problems. Many youth we work with think about their identity and need to feel safe as themselves. In 2017 there were 25 402 visits in our activities and 1162 children and young people visit our activities more actively or get individual support from us. Our fundings come mostly from Veikkaus (which funds Finnish social and healthcare organizations) and the cities of Helsinki and Espoo.

Feel free to contact us!

kirsi.mantyniemi-sipila@loistosetlementti fi, Executive Director
milla.holmberg@loistosetlementti.fi, Development Manager
henna.kolehmainen@loistosetlementti.fi, Development Manager